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Next to breathing, eating is our most vital bodily function.  We nourish ourselves by converting the energy and information of our environment into the biological intelligence of our body. To create and maintain a healthy physiology our food must be nourishing, our digestive power strong, and our elimination efficient. Lasting Health is not about fad diets or deprivation.
Whole foods provide our bodies the nutrients that make our cells and blood, and allow us to get up every day and have the energy to complete our responsibilities while minimizing illness and stress. So, we recommend you focus on what you can eat, and think of your food as the building blocks for your blood, bones, and muscles.

We have created a patient friendly interactive blog focused on Whole Food Healthy Eating.

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At Osborne Family Chiropractic Wellness & Nutrition Center we maximize performance, inside and out!

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“Thank you Dr. Osborne, I have 100 % appreciation for the 21-day purification program and your total wellness approach to improve the quality of life for your clients.  This has been a paradigm shift for me. Now, I am taking the lead to  continue a better quality of life by applying the principles I have learn through the 21-day purification program.”